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About Shanghai Ruxu Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Ruxu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a research and development company specializing in custom radiosynthesis and contract research, including binding affinity measurement, bio-distribution and metabolite analysis. Ruxu synthesizes novel as well as previously reported radio-organic compounds and provides its expertise and services in radio-organic and radio-medicinal chemistry to pharmaceutical, drug discovery, biotechnology, and other companies needing radio-tracing.

Ruxu's Value-Create value for the customers

In 2011 Shanghai Ruxu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. established in JiaDing District, Shanghai, China for the ready access to Chinese vast talent pool and diverse chemical and radiochemical suppliers. We offer our clients seamless custom radio-synthesis contract research services at a very competitive rate and more importantly, with IP-protection. In the interest of customers' need for flexibility and efficiency in project management, Ruxu offers contracts services on an FTE (Full-Time Employee) basis or individual project basis. The Ruxu FTE service has been very popular for emerging biotechnology companies to focus their internal resources on innovation while directing research at Ruxu as an extension of their radio-chemistry team.

People-Our Key Component of Our Business Model

A staff of accomplished synthetic radio-organic and radio-medicinal chemists carries out the research and development at Ruxu, Inc. The chemists have many years of experience in radiochemistry. They are capable of developing new methods for radio-labeling synthesis, binding constant measurement, bio-distribution, and metabolite analysis. In addition, Professor Peng Yi-Yuan of Jiangxi Normal University and Professor Tao Xiaochun of East China University of Science and Technology are members of the Scientific Advisory Board.

Confidentiality-To be Your Trusted Partner

Being your trusted and preferred partner has been the keystone of Ruxu's success in this very competitive field. Without our own drug discovery and development effort and ambition, Ruxu was built on a business model of a sole service-based contract research organization to meet our customer¡¯s radiochemical needs. A robust system is in place to ensure confidentiality and to avoid any conflicts of interest in our business model. It is enshrined in our culture that we treat all the confidential information of our customers with the utmost respect and highest security standards, including all customer lists, project inquiry descriptions, project inquiries, project weekly updates, final reports and summaries in any form. We only disclose the identity of our customers with their explicit consent.

Highlights-Our Short History of Customer Satisfaction and Growth

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Unilever Research China
University of Science and Technology of China
Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch
East China University of Science and Technology
China Agricultural University
Shandong Academy of Medical Sciences
Sichuan University
Tasly Group
Hebei Academy of Sciences

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